Radio Show: A Voice For The Voiceless

Host: Glennette Nelson

Date: September 26, 2018.

In this interview we discuss new book 'Feather in Time', living with life threatening illness, poverty, growing up on the north side of Milwaukee, sexual abuse and more.

Radio Show:Women of Power

Date:November 2,2018.

In this interview we dive into 'Feather in Time' just a bit more and uncover some real world issues women of power face daily.

Panel: "Heroine of Your Own Story" Date: November 7, 2018.

Here is a panel of authors and entrepreneurs discussing how they beat the odds and obtained victory in their fight. 

Host: Outspoken Woman Solutions

Date: April of 2019

Join us in discussing new book, :PM A Heart Bleeding at Bedtime. This interview shows women how to lean into their worth and find peace in their pieces after heartbreak.