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LaMeka McKinnie

May 2020

Coming before the throne in prayer... pray without ceasing!

Lady Lisa

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Non-Fiction Books

       Toni Peters

"I" Finally Showed up & Started To Live


     Toni published and released her book with us in  November of 2018. "I" Finally Showed Up & Started To Live is a book that gives testament to Gods grace and mercy. It is a book of healing, restoration and deliverance. Since Toni's book release she has been a special guest on a number of radio shows, launched merchandise, been booked for several ministry opportunities, launched an ebook with Barnes & Noble and Amazon Kindle , and she has sold out twice! We have been honored to work closely with her and her book baby. Those who know her personally knows how anointed and captivating she truly is, read her book and find out where her oil comes from. Please keep up with the author at

Rose Nelson

"A Rose in The Jungle"

Rose published and released her book with us in faith of sharing her story of trials and triumph with the world. She has done just that. She has been seen on her new radio show Outspoken Woman promoting other authors, uplifting women and etc. Rose has used her trials, as a platform to show other women they can make it out of sexual abuse, grief and domestic violence. She has been a trophy in a sense. Please keep up with the life coach, philanthropist, radio personality and author at


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Glennette Nelson

Some Hurts Are Beyond Tears

      Glennette Nelson came to WOW as a published author already. Her book had been out for quite sometime but she wasn't giving it the attention it greatly deserved. This memoir of a foster child is BREATHTAKING! The way she draws you in makes you feel like you're apart of the story! Reading this book you're bound to laugh, cry, and consistently be astonished. This author has experienced great adversity and trauma and delivered her story in a beautiful way for readers to experience. This book is one to appreciate! Please purchase her book through Amazon Kindle. Physical copies will be available through her website soon.

Poetry Books

Crystal Boyd

Words Written With A Bleeding Pen

      Crystal is a poet that shakes the ground when she speaks! She is a truth teller in its purest creative form and took the world by storm with her new debut poetry collection! She came to our company with a finished book that we saw more potential in, in December of 2018. Crystal revamped her book with us and has been taking our strategies and using our marketing help. Please expect to see more from this author. As of now you can get her ebook on Amazon Kindle.

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Alexis Holmes

Holes in The Heart

Alexis found poetry within her and nurtured and watered it until it grew into this book. Her willingness to be transparent is appreciated by the readers of this heart felt book! She is a fire that never goes out and invites you up close to see her flames. She is worth the tears you'll have in your eyes after reading her tell about her 16-21 year old heart. Holes in The Heart will be released in April of 2019. Keep up with the author at

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Danielle Hall (Passion The Lioness)

Danielle Unfolded

Danielle is a poet that takes no precaution in her words. She has both seen and survived so many things in her lifetime. As a survivor she realized she must tell her story, in a way that can be appreciated and never duplicated. She did just that with her book 'Danielle Unfolded'. Visit her website for purchase!


LaToya Dorsey

The Many Facets of My Heart

 LaToya has had a passion for writing since the 1st grade and found refuge in poetry in her teen years. Through all of LaToya's heartbreaks whether at the hand of grief, boys, family, or life simply taking its course- LaToya ran to poetry. LaToya's heart was broken early on in life and she consistently met heartbreak face to face so many times after. The Many Facets Of My Heart is her opening up to healing in the most crucial way-transparency.

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