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Girl Talk is a web show founded by I (Nia) & Alexis (Media Manager) to talk to women around the world and give advice on relatable topics. Sharing vulnerability and transparency is a staple in Alexis's and I's friendship. We have found great solace in the ability to be open, honest, and FREE with each other. We have declared ourselves safe spaces, and soul sisters for one another. Though we have both had many many friends, we recognized this connection isn't always in the midst of our relationships. We also recognized just how important it is, in more relationships than one. This is our attempt to bring women together around the world, innitate those hard conversations and allow healing to be the new "norm". It is so often that we obtain friendships based on surface level conversations, here is where we break that stigma. Here is where we trade in gossip for growth. Girl Talk is something you invite your friends over for and watch with wine or popcorn. It is bound to initiate conversation, make you feel lighter, and give you advice you didn't think you needed! JOIN US!

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